Lives in the Balance is the non-profit founded by Dr. Ross Greene, a child psychologist whose books I have found accessible and informative.  He coined the term Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), which helps adults relate to children with respect and care when trying to resolve tense or difficult situations, often surrounding schoolwork.  While he gears his work toward behaviorally-challenged kids, I have found his work helpful in general, as both a parent of sometimes very “reactive” children, and as a teacher of all types of learners.

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility is a great resource for teachers that want to get their students more engaged with their world.  Their mission blends with the education of the whole child.

Some other favorite education resources: 

Teaching Tolerance

Rethinking Schools

Teaching for Change

Zinn Education Project

Facing History and Ourselves

BrainPop is a fun educational website for kids.  I use BrainPop with my own kids and also for my students.  It has good graphic organizers on the Educator’s page.

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