“My daughter’s confidence and organizational skills skyrocketed. Kate is highly experienced, respectful, flexible, fun, patient, extremely insightful and well informed about high school subjects. She helped my daughter by giving her the tools to become a more successful independent student. Kate guided our daughter on how to efficiently research subjects, work out strong outlines and also taught her how to develop great essays in English and History. We most definitely give Kate double thumbs up. Plus, we truly appreciated her flexibility in accommodating her tutoring hours and my daughter’s complicated soccer schedule. We are extremely grateful!!!”  – 10th grade parent

“Kate takes the time to really know your child’s needs. For my son, she has designed a program that will allow him to succeed and develop his writing skills with confidence overtime. She makes sure that he is interested in his work and feels successful.” -Peter Fiedelholtz, parent of 4th grader

“In her volunteer work at Bottom Line, Kate offers extra writing support for our high school and college students. She has helped our students develop solid essays, both for their college applications and for class assignments. Kate has a great talent for helping students articulate their own ideas and work them into well structured papers – which in turn helps to build students’ confidence in their own ability to succeed.” -Ruth Genn, Executive Director at Bottom Line, NY

“We decided rather late to have our daughter apply to independent schools for next year and had to prepare her to take the ISEE. With the demands of existing school work and extracurriculars we realized we didn’t have much time to get her ready. Kate was incredibly helpful in strategizing our limited test-prep time. She got our daughter familiar with the format of the test, and helped our daughter learn common test terminology and vocabulary so she wasn’t thrown by how questions were asked. Additionally Kate helped us organize our study time time in between tutoring sessions. As a result our daughter was calm and prepared for the test, she had methods for approaching the various sections, and she had a good general sense of what to expect.” -4th grade parent

“Kate Singh is a gifted teacher who connects with every student, creating a sense of trust, good will and focus that enables every young person to relax and strive to do their best at the same time. Kate has a keen understanding of the reading and writing skills students need to be successful in school and beyond, and can help students and families identify language arts goals and then achieve them. I recommend Kate highly for students in need of focused consolidation of reading and writing skills as well as students who may find one or two aspects of a language arts challenging and confusing — and will benefit from the increased confidence that they will come away with after working with Kate.”- Former colleague and supervisor; references available on request

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