Why Choose UST?

With Union Street Tutor (Kate Singh) you get one-on-one time tailored to the student’s needs.  I meet students weekly, bi-weekly, or on an “as needed” basis, and sessions vary from 45 minutes- 75 minutes.  If a student is struggling with a specific assignment, we work on that during the session, and then communicate via email if the assignment is due before the next session.  I will provide extra reading or writing assignments if required, and I look forward to debriefing with parents either in person or over the phone.  I can also be in contact with students’ teachers in order to help with organizational issues.  Most of my students have stayed with me for 3 or more years, moving from one school division to the next.

Some examples of work I do with students, by age group:

Middle Grades (5-8)

  • homework support in all subjects
  • support with reading comprehension
  • Writing enrichment, which includes creating short curriculum
  • organizational help, which includes creating weekly homework grids with larger assignments detailed
  • essay writing

Upper Grades (9-12th and college, too):

  • organizational help (mapping out daily or upcoming assignments, or even physically going through the book-bag or desk!)
  • support in humanties courses
  • essay writing
  • College prep- personal statement and essay writing

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